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Internet solutions

Tevtal Technology has partnered with Internet Solutions (IS)

Internet Solutions (IS), South Africa's acknowledged leader in corporate Internet access services since 1993. IS, a division of Dimension Data, has an industrial strength, high performance, secure and extremely reliable private network spanning the country with multiple redundant links. Multiple interconnected gateways connect this private network to Europe, USA, Australia and the East, providing outstandingly reliable and fast international throughput over redundant, international fibre and satellite links. IS also has a highly regarded track record in innovation, having introduced scores of added value services that are unique in the ISP industry. Because of this service excellence, reliability and innovation, IS is the chosen supplier to over 10,000 of South Africa's leading business organisations, and hosts on their backbone over 5,000 web based business services, many of them household names like banks, insurance companies and major industrial groups. Over 85% of South Africa's internet based business transactions take place on their robust, industrial quality backbone and hosting environment. Since